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Hosts: Inge and Kristina

Gysinge Wärdshus
S-810 21 Gysinge
tel: +46-291 - 212 00
fax: +46-291 - 213 10

Gysinge Wärdshus

Gysinge Wärdshus (Inn) has better possibilities than most others to make your vacation or conferences more enjoyable.
Gysinges location at the very shore of the great river Dalälven and the surrounding precious deciduous forests is a place of great natural beauty in the middle of Sweden.

Gysinge Wärdshus Blacksmith quarters Interior
Gysinge Wärdshus Interior Interior
They who stay overnight at Gysinge Wärdshus can enjoy their stay in the original industrial community from the 1800 and 1900 century. In the inn and in the old blacksmith quarters you can live by modern standards in an ancient lineage environment. Your hosts, Inge and Kristina and their staff, will take god care off you.
Gysinge Wärdshus has an environmental declaration.

Weekend prices all the year round
Doubel room for 2 person. 500 SEK/person
Four bed cottage with kitchen facilities and up-to-date “do your own housekeeping”, 800 SEK/day.
Rental of bedclothes, 100 SEK/person.
Final cleaning of cottage, 350 SEK.
Gysinge Wärdshus is also a member of Sweden's Hotel and Restaurant entrepreneurs.
Map: Click on the map for a bigger view Distance to Gysinge from Stockholm 152 km,
Arlanda 93 km,
Gävle 55 km,
Västerås 98 km,
Uppsala 70 km.
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Gysinge Wärdshus, S-810 21 Gysinge
tel: +46-291 - 212 00, fax:+46-0291 - 213 10,
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