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Färnebofjärdens National park
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Strix uralensis
”Limes norrlandicus”
Throughout the area runs the natural border for the northern section of Sweden, ”limes norrlandicus,” as the Swedish botanist Linneaus called it. Northern and southern species of both the flora and the fauna meet here. The western part of the national park contains mires and coniferous forests of a northern character. Down the river the landscape is more lush, with old deciduous trees like oak and lime. There are more than 200 islands, islets and skerries here.
Something for everybody
The Färnebofjärden National Park is a fantastic place for angling enthusiasts, bird watchers, and those interested in botany. The area also has something for anybody seeking quiet. A walk along the marked trails or a swim by one of the many untouched shores requires neither specialized equipment nor knowledge. To slowly glide along in a canoe is also something even the inexperienced visitor can appreciate.