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Excursions within the region
Från Östa Cabins and Campground is close to many large and small tourist attractions, often interesting historic sites or areas of unique nature. It is not far to Gysinge Ironworks, for example. This beautiful, wellpreserved Ironworks from the 17th century speaks of former days of grandeur. Here are museums, crafts and many other things to see and do.
Another popular attraction is the Ingbo springs with their clearwaters.
Gysinge Ingbo springs

Start at Östa
You can also rent a motor boat at Östa Cabins and Campground and explore the creeks and bays of the Dalälven river all by yourself. Welcome!

Rent a motor boat
The view from the 20 meter high bird watching tower at Skekarsbo is magnificent. From here you can see a fascinating landscape composed of mires, forests, lakes and rapids.
View from Skekarsbo bird watch tower